New series part 1: Peter Fox_Schwarz zu blau

Part 1 of my new series: Learn German and about the german culture through music

A good way to learn German and about german culture is through music. I will regularly post songs of my favorite german bands. I feel honored to start this series with the incredibly gifted Pierre Baigorry aka Peter Fox. Let me take you on a nightshift through my beloved Berlin.


Schwarz zu blau (The nightsky turns from black to blue while Peter Fox cruises through the city at dawn). Enjoy!


Love at first sound

Love at first sound – Why we should learn German

A wonderful article by John le Carré, famous author of many espionage novels. He gives credits to his teachers for his love for the german language. And remember, that love began during World War II, when it was surly not common to learn the language of the enemy. But le Carré’s teacher decided not to join the chorus of anti-german propaganda.