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Some reviews

Every student will love to learn with Andrea from Lively German. The most encouraging and supportive teacher I have met.

Rainbow Shan, Life Coach, Basel, Switzerland


For some of us learning a new language can press a few painful buttons: Learning disabilities, anxiety, self confidence and more. With Andrea all these issues disappeared, she magically helped me put away all my fears and concentrate with a lot of joy and interest in the actual learning and talking practice. Through German speaking practice I also got to learn a lot about the place I moved to since on top of all Andrea is a super cool Berliner.

Dafna Sharabi, WiX, Berlin, Germany


The first time I have had any confidence in speaking German. Andrea is so good that occasionally Berliners answer me back in German when I ask them a question. Also, the lessons are a lot of fun!.

Garry Felgate, Peng Ventures, London, UK

With Andrea I learnt German from almost zero to beyond A2 level in a relatively short time.
I found Andrea to be a patient and engaging teacher who made me feel comfortable at all times and someone with whom my confidence to speak German grew.
I would be more than happy to work with Andrea again in the future.

Matthew Pearce, Zürich, Switzerland


I love the convenience of online learning via Skype. When I found a top-notch teacher who was able to deliver this professionally, knowledgeably and in a caring manner, I was utterly delighted. Andrea is an outstanding German language coach. She knows what she is doing but she is also a caring human being. As a teacher myself, I would not hesitate to improve my German by working with Andrea again. In fact, I plan to in the future.

Alice Jungclaus, Zumikon, Switzerland