Learn German through podcasts

Part 1: Marc-Uwe Kling


Picture by Argekultur

If you want to learn German, best way to do so is by being curious about those who speak it. So you should listen as much as possible to songs, TV-shows, radio and people on the street, in cafés or while shopping.

Another great access to german culture and language is the very vivid Lesebühnen (reading stage)-scene in Germany and in Berlin. There a numerous different groups such as Die Surfpoeten, Couchpoetos, LSD, Brauseboys or the Reformbühne Heim & Welt (to name just a few).

Marc-Uwe Kling is one of the stars of this scene. He’s most famous for his Kangaroo Chronicles. He’s part of Berlin’s Lesebühne Lesedüne, Poetry Slam Champion and winner of numerous awards for his stage shows.

On his Soundcloud account you will find lots of songs and audios of his readings. I highly recommend to listen to his stuff, it’s smart, witty and very German. Even if it is more for the advanced learner, even as a beginner you could give it a try. You might only understand bits and pieces, but they are worth it.

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