The man who swims to work

In Munich a man swims to work to beat traffic. Benjamin David was so tired of being stuck in Munich’s daily traffic jam that he decided to swim the 1,4 miles to work through the river Isar. After checking on water level, temperature and current, he packs clothes and laptop into a waterproof bag and swims to his job as event manager for Kulturstrand (=cultural beach) a project at the edge of the Isar.

Would you swim to work?

Benjamin swims to work every day in summer and if temperature allows, even during the winter months. Then he wears a wet suit to protect himself from the cold.

Life is a long and beautiful river

What do you think? Should more people start to find alternatives to being frustrated with daily traffic? Would you dare to jump into such life changing decisions? The river is a great metaphor for life itself. Maybe the story about Benjamin David is a great occasion to think about your own goals, your ideals, your dreams. What do you expect from life? How fullfilling is what you do? How much trouble are you willing to take for a nice job with a good income? Or for a nice jobless life with a very low income.

No one can answer these questions but you yourself. Take some time to think about the meaning of life once in a while. Maybe you will have some crazy ideas. Don’t let them pass. Most won’t come back later.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

crazy ideas make life good
Picture by Daisuke Murase CC BY-SA 2.0