Weil wir dich lieben

Do Germans have  humor?

Germans have the reputation to not have a humor. But are they really these strict and crotchety humans, that never laugh, never fool around for no other reason than having a good time?

If you move around Berlin with public transportation, like the S-Bahn, the TRAM or the U-Bahn, the answer could only be: “Yes, they are these dry misanthropes, who hate only themselves more than others.

Picture by Max Noisa

The more astonishing it is that of all places the BVG, the Berlin transport company which operates the U-Bahn, time and again surprises everybody with funny and cheeky ads.

Maybe they actually do!

Under the headline “Weil wir dich lieben” (“Because we love you”) they produced a lot of great videos. Their latest one shows the Berlin Rundfunkchor singing answers to questions the BVG is asked frequently:


So, what’s your opinion on the humor of Germans?

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