Elections in Germany

Germany is going to vote for a new parliament

In case you wondered what the upcoming elections in Germany are about, here are six charts that help you to understand what the Germans are voting on.

German voters will choose the makeup of their main legislative body, the Bundestag, which will in turn choose the next chancellor.

The Grand Coalition

After the  2013 election the two biggest parties, the CDU and the SPD built the governing grand coalition. The same is expected for this year’s election. Expected with fear, one should add, since a grand coalition stands for lack of courageous decision making and progress.

Who votes for what?

Historical divisions between the former east and the west still play a role in the way people vote. Also income profiles give strong hints about voting behaviour.

Germany also has a party which, similar to the voters for Trump, lean to conspiracy theories. They fight against the imagined fake news mainstream. The so called AfD (Alternative für Deutschland/ Alternative for Germany) will probably, for the first time, be part of the German Bundestag.

Which party would you vote for if you could take part in the German elections? Which subject are the most important to be taken care of?

For the advanced German speakers, you can use the Wahl-O-Mat to find out which party you should vote for.

Picture by Rolf van Melis CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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