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Your top address for professional conversation training. My name is Andrea.  I’m a native German speaker and experienced conversation coach for German as a foreign language. I live in Berlin.

Please watch my video for further information on my background and my philosophy.

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My Services

Lively German
Professional Conversation Training

One-on-one online training per Skype

We work via Skype and with the help of Google docs. You will be able to attend my private training from wherever you are. All you need is a stable internet connection.

Short and sweet

A training will take thirty minutes or forty five minutes if you’re advanced. We will meet as often as your schedule allows, but I would recommend to not have more than three trainings per week.

Confidence is the key

We work on pronunciation and grammar, but most of all on your confidence to speak. Lots of people already know a lot about the German sentence structure and vocabulary, but all that is stuck in their heads and won’t come out. With my help you will dare to speak and to express yourself in a simple, yet lively way.

Please make mistakes

Mistakes are your best friends. There is nothing wrong about them, since they help us to proceed. Language isn’t about perfection. Being openly wrong is a powerful tool to gain more courage, not only with languages, but within all facets of life. I will always encourage you to dare to be wrong.

Your oral exam

I am very familiar with the Goethe-Institute or TELC exam. So if you need a focussed preparation for your examination, I will gladly help you. I will coach you through difficult learning situations and I’m also experienced to overcome any possible test anxiety.

All levels A1-C2 are welcome.




Both Andrea and her teaching are fantastic! We worked together in preparation for my B2 exam. Her kind and patient strategies supported my learning while at the same time challenging me to progress further and faster than I though possible. She provided me with excellent resources and I found her grading and feedback of my practice tests extremely helpful. If you are thinking about hiring a private tutor, Andrea is the best, you’ll be thankful for your decision!

Carolyn Adams

“Above and beyond” is how I would describe Andrea’s dedication and support of my German-learning journey. Her professionalism, effectiveness, attention, and empathy have been instrumental to my breakthrough, progress and success in mastering the language. Our speaking sessions are something I look forward to every week, because on the other end is always a Deutschlehrerin who is knowledgeable, kind, patient, honest and understanding of my struggles. Under Andrea’s coaching, I was able to consecutively obtain the Goethe’s B1, B2, and C1 certificates, all within one short year. With her help and encouragement, I also saw improvements, not only in my confidence to speak, but also, and perhaps more importantly, in the courage to pause and think. I therefore wholeheartedly recommend Andrea’s service to anyone striving for fluency in the German language.

Phuc Le

Learning with Andrea was absolutely amazing. I really enjoyed our short, intensive, conversation-focused lessons. She adapted to my level and to my needs perfectly, and helped me to build both knowledge and confidence. With Andrea’s help, I managed to get in 8 months from “I can barely say anything in German” to passing a B2 exam. I’m looking forward to continue learning with Andrea in the future!

Daniel Darvas

I recommend Andrea to anyone who is looking to learn German or is preparing for a German exam. I have just passed a Goethe B1 exam with really good grades (including 99/100 in the speaking section) and am so grateful to Andrea for her help in preparing me for the exam. I found she really tailored her approach to help me in the areas of German I find particularly challenging, and that her patience and kindness really helped to improve my confidence speaking in German. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Frances Lole

Andrea is one of the best German instructors I have had since I started my language journey 2.5 years ago. She is very well organized, flexible, and patient. She provided many additional practice materials. The training was structured online, and she has a nice system/ process to make the best of the time that you book with her. She helped me in practicing for my German B1 Telc exam, specifically the speaking portion. I can happily say that with her teaching, support, and encouragement I managed to pass the exam. I cannot say enough good things about her as an instructor.

Shawn Murray

Andrea is the best language teacher I’ve ever had, period. Her method encourages you to make mistakes and just speak, speak, speak, which I have found excellent. It’s also very engaging and fun, we speak about all kinds of subjects :), from trips to the Alps to freedom of speech. I look forward to our classes every week and my German has been improving a lot with her, I can highly recommend!!

João Pedro Jericó de Andrade

Andrea was an excellent and encouraging language coach. She was punctual to our meetings and always communicated meeting times with generous advance notice. Her teaching materials were really helpful and tailored to my personal needs. Not only did I pass my B1 exam — I got 100 percent on several sections! A total of 94% overall. She also advised me on difficult situations I was facing at work due to the language, and helped me come up with a dialogue to address miscommunications. She’s awesome, honest and a great tutor. Hire her!!

Michelle Stockman


Lively German
Professional Conversation Training

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