My Services

Lively German
Professional Conversation Training

One-on-one online training per Skype

We work via Skype and with the help of Google docs. You will be able to attend my private training from wherever you are. All you need is a stable internet connection.

Short and sweet

A training will take thirty minutes or forty five minutes if you’re advanced. We will meet as often as your schedule allows, but I would recommend to not have more than three trainings per week.

Confidence is the key

We work on pronunciation and grammar, but most of all on your confidence to speak. Lots of people already know a lot about the German sentence structure and vocabulary, but all that is stuck in their heads and won’t come out. With my help you will dare to speak and to express yourself in a simple, yet lively way.

Please make mistakes

Mistakes are your best friends. There is nothing wrong about them, since they help us to proceed. Language isn’t about perfection. Being openly wrong is a powerful tool to gain more courage, not only with languages, but within all facets of life. I will always encourage you to dare to be wrong.

Your oral exam

I am very familiar with the Goethe-Institute or TELC exam. So if you need a focussed preparation for your examination, I will gladly help you. I will coach you through difficult learning situations and I’m also experienced to overcome any possible test anxiety.

All levels A1-C2 are welcome.